My name is Camiel Vanderhoeven.

I work as a kernel engineer at VMS Software, Inc., and I am one of the architects for the port of the OpenVMS operating system to the x86 processor architecture.

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    Jacques Laferriere · 1 months ago
    Hello Camiel ,  Thank you for saving all these older systems from scrap yard ,  & also for your work on my favorite O.S. VMS !-) ,  JimL
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    R.J. · 4 months ago
    It was this first board.
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    R.J. · 4 months ago
    Hi Camiel, I looked at your pages and came across the Philips P800 series pages. Nice pictures also of the 19" boards. I've had quite a few in my hands....

    Well I was looking at the photos and see a board there that looks very familiar to me. It is, in fact, my handwriting!
    How incredibly nice to see that again.

    It is a CPU part that was used as a reference board in the IRS, International Repair Shop of Philips TDS (Philips Telecommunicatie en Data Systemen Nederland B.V.) in Apeldoorn where I worked between 1990 and 1993.
    Between 1988 and 1990, I was employed by CWSG (Central Workshop Support Group) and precisely did IRS support.
    The IRS was the central support office for the countries where the products came from that were offered for repair.

    What is also very coincidental is your surname, which is the same as mine!
    Are we related?