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The PCB has shipped. It should arrive tomorrow or Friday, after which I'll have some work to do again.

In order to have a faithful emulation, I'll need to write an emulator that implements the microarchitecture of the Model 65. To this end, I'll need some documentation. I've posted the following in the IBM Historic Computing forum on LinkedIn:

A friend of mine who was a software engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation gave me a console panel for a System/360 model 65 that they had in their office (the console panel, not the system).

I am restoring the console panel, and I'm creating an interface to a PC to make all the lights and switches work as originally intended.

I'm now looking for field engineering documentation in order to make the emulation as faithful as possible to the original. These are some of the document titles I'm looking for:

  • System/360 Model 65, 2065 Processing Unit, Field Engineering Maintenance Manual
  • System/360 Model 65, 2065 Processing Unit, Field Engineering Diagrams Manual
  • System/360 Model 65 Field Engineering Manual of Instruction
  • System/360 Model 65 Field Engineering Theory of Operation Manual
  • System/360 Model 65 CPU and Channels Training, Field Engineering Education Supplementary Course Material

The same material for the model 60, 62 or 67 in stead of the 65 would help too, given the similarities between these machines.

One thing in particular that I'm looking for that would help a lot is a data flow diagram showing the register and bus names. Another thing that would be very useful is a listing of the BCROS microcode.

The functional characteristics manual doesn't offer the level of detail I'd like.

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