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A.W. Faber-Castell founded


Cossor founded


Nokia founded


Nestler founded


NCR founded


Ferranti founded


Burroughs founded


Philips founded


Teletype founded


Telefunken founded


TeKaDe founded
Honeywell founded


Olivetti founded


Hitachi founded


IBM founded


Sharp founded
Monroe founded


C.Itoh founded


RCA founded


GI founded


Motorola founded


Bull founded


HP founded


Star founded


IBM 604 introduced


Servomechanisms Range Servo introduced
Unknown Magnetic Drum Memory introduced
Servomechanisms founded
Univac founded


Univac I introduced
TI founded
Wang founded


IBM 700 Series introduced


IBM 650 introduced


DEC founded
CDC founded
Fairchild founded


IBM 7000 Series introduced


DEC PDP-1 introduced
CDC 1604 introduced
ICT/ICL founded


Telefunken RA800 introduced


IBM I/O Selectric (731) introduced
Burroughs B5000 introduced
LSI founded
Cossor defunct


Ferranti Atlas (II) introduced


Bull Gamma 10 introduced
ESR Digi-Comp I introduced
Teletype 33 ASR introduced
ESR founded


CDC 6600 introduced
ICT/ICL 1933 Line Printer introduced
Servomechanisms defunct
Bull defunct


IBM 360 Model 65 introduced
Cossor DIDS-400 introduced


Telefunken RA770 introduced
Interdata founded


Univac 9000 Series introduced
NCR 446 introduced
CDC 7600 introduced
Interdata Model 3 introduced
Telefunken defunct


DEC PDP-9 introduced
RCA 1600 introduced
Intel founded
Amstrad founded
DG founded


DEC H500 Computer Lab introduced
MOS founded
AMD founded
Open University founded
Intergraph founded
ROLM founded


DEC PDP-8/E introduced
Open University Bobcat introduced
Amdahl founded


HP HP 9810 introduced
HP 9810A introduced
VEB Treptow founded


DEC KD11-B introduced
IBM System 370 Model 148 introduced
DEC PDP-11/05 introduced
Eyring founded
Cray founded


Interdata defunct


Intel 8080 introduced
GI CP1600 introduced
Zilog founded
DRI founded


HP ACT introduced
MOS 6502 introduced
Philips CPB introduced
Philips P857 introduced
Philips P856 introduced
Honeywell TDC2000 introduced
Amdahl 470 V/6 introduced
Olivetti P6060 introduced
Microsoft founded
ESR defunct


TI SBP0400 introduced
TI TMS9900 introduced
HP NMOS-II Processor introduced
Intel 8085 introduced
Intel 8749 introduced
Zilog Z80 introduced
TI LCM-1001 introduced
HP 97 introduced
LSI ADM-3A introduced
Cray Cray-1 introduced
MultiTech founded


Intel SDK-85 introduced
Honeywell 4500 introduced
PerSci 277 introduced
Altos founded
Apple founded
PerSci founded


Intel 8086 introduced
WDC 65C02 introduced
DG Nova 4 introduced
DEC VT100 introduced
DEC LA-120 (DECwriter III) introduced
DEC RL02 introduced
Olivetti P6066 introduced
TEP founded
WDC founded
VEB Erfurt founded
Nestler defunct


Intel 8088 introduced
Motorola 68000 introduced
DEC F-11 introduced
DEC KD11-Z introduced
IBM 4341 introduced
DEC PDP-11/24 introduced
DEC PDP-11/44 introduced
DEC MicroPDP-11 introduced
CDC Cyber 170-720 introduced
Televideo founded
CompuData founded
GRiD founded


Intel 80C88 introduced
Intel 80C86 introduced
Philips CP7RA introduced
TEP FTI990 introduced
HP 9825B introduced
HP 85A introduced
IBM 5285 introduced
DEC VAX-11/750 introduced
Philips P859 introduced
LOMAC DAVID introduced
Osborne founded
Psion founded


IBM ROMP introduced
DEC T-11 introduced
DEC LA12 (DECwriter Correspondent) introduced
Sharp MZ-80A introduced
MultiTech MicroProfessor 1B introduced
Osborne 1 introduced
SGI founded
Wyse founded
Cirrus Logic founded
LSI Logic founded


Intel 80286 introduced
VEB Erfurt UB880 introduced
HP 86A introduced
DEC Professional 325 introduced
DEC Professional 350 introduced
DEC VT180 introduced
MAI Basic Four S/10 5104 introduced
CDC Cyber 170-875 introduced
CHE CHE-1b introduced
Sun founded
Cypress founded
Compaq founded
Convex founded
CHE founded


DEC J-11 introduced
HP 82905B Printer introduced
Altos 586 introduced
Apple IIe introduced
IBM PC/XT (5160) introduced
DEC VT220 introduced
CompuData Tulip System I introduced


Motorola 68020 introduced
Altos III introduced
Apple IIc introduced
IBM WheelWriter (Conversion) introduced
DEC Professional 380 introduced
DEC VT240 introduced
Televideo 924 introduced
Honeywell TDC3000 introduced
VEB Treptow Ursatron 5000 Serviceeinheit introduced
MTI founded
Tadpole founded
MAI Basic Four founded
Cisco founded
Atmel founded


Intel 80386 introduced
DEC MicroVAX 78032 (DC333) introduced
Convex C1 CPU introduced
Sun 3/50 introduced
HP Integral PC (9807A) introduced
HP 2392A introduced
Amstrad CPC6128 introduced
DEC MicroVAX II introduced
DEC DECserver 100 introduced
SMS 1000 introduced
MultiTech MicroProfessor I/65 introduced
Wang WLTC introduced
Wyse WY-85 introduced
Digi founded
Raritan founded
Ardent founded
Osborne defunct


TI TMS34010 introduced
Fairchild C100 introduced
Apple Macintosh 512K introduced
Apple Macintosh Plus introduced
IBM PC Convertible (5140) introduced
IBM 6151 RT introduced
DEC VAXmate introduced
DEC DECserver 200/DL introduced
DEC DECserver 200/MC introduced
Convex C1 XP introduced
Convex C1 XL introduced
GRiD GRiDCase Plus introduced
ROLM 1666B introduced
Burroughs defunct
Univac defunct
RCA defunct


DEC CVAX (78034) introduced
Ardent Titan P2 (R2K based) introduced
HP 3000 Series 52 introduced
Intel SYP301 introduced
IBM System/36 5363 introduced
DEC MicroVAX III introduced
DEC MicroVAX 3400 introduced
DEC MicroVAX 2000 introduced
DEC MicroVAX 3100 introduced
DEC MicroVAX 3300 introduced
DEC MicroVAX 3800 introduced
DEC VT320 introduced
DEC DESPR Ethernet Repeater introduced
Compaq Deskpro 386-20 introduced
C.Itoh CIT324+ introduced
C.Itoh CIT424 introduced
Dolch founded
MultiTech defunct
Fairchild defunct


MTI R3000 introduced
Cypress CY7C601 introduced
Intel 80386SX introduced
LSI Logic S1A0007 introduced
Convex C2 CPU introduced
Intergraph C300 introduced
IBM PS/2 Model 30 286 introduced
DEC PDP-11/84 introduced
Philips Carin Prototype introduced
Philips CDI180 Prototype introduced
TeKaDe FS220Z introduced
Ardent Titan introduced
Convex C220 introduced
Convex C240 introduced
GRiD defunct


Intel i486 introduced
Intel i860 introduced
DEC Rigel (DC520) introduced
LSI Logic S1C0010 introduced
Siemens CPU 235 introduced
Ardent Titan P3 (R3K based) introduced
Sun SPARCstation IPC (4/40) introduced
Sun SparcStation 1 introduced
IBM PS/2 Model 55 SX introduced
DEC VAX 9000 introduced
DEC DECstation 2100 introduced
DEC DECstation 3100 introduced
DEC DECsystem 5400 introduced
DEC LANbridge 200 introduced
Siemens Teleperm M AS 235 K introduced
Ardent defunct
CHE defunct
ROLM defunct


Motorola 68040 introduced
DEC SOC introduced
Intel iPSC/860 introduced
DEC DECstation 5000/200 introduced
DEC PDP-11/94 introduced
DEC DECsystem 5000/200 introduced
DEC DECsystem 5500 introduced
DEC VT420 introduced
DEC VT1200 introduced
DEC LJ250 Companion Color Printer introduced
DEC LA70 Personal Printer introduced
DEC LA75 Companion Printer introduced
Intergraph InterPro 6000 introduced
Intergraph InterPro 2400 introduced
Hitachi HITAC M680 introduced
Siemens founded
Altos defunct
Teletype defunct
VEB Treptow defunct


DEC NVAX introduced
SGI Iris Indigo introduced
SGI Personal Iris 4D/35 introduced
CompuAdd SS 1+ introduced
HP Apollo 9000 Series 700 introduced
IBM PS/2 Note N33 (8533) introduced
DEC DECstation 5000/240 introduced
DEC VAXstation 4000 introduced
DEC DECstation 5000/133 introduced
DEC VAX 4 introduced
DEC VAX 4000 introduced
DEC InfoServer 150VXT introduced
DEC VXT2000+ introduced
DEC DECbridge 610 introduced
DEC DECbridge 90 introduced
DEC DEChub 90 introduced
DEC DECrepeater 90C introduced
DEC DECrepeater 90T introduced
DEC DECserver 90L introduced
QED founded
DRI defunct
VEB Erfurt defunct


Sun microSPARC introduced
HP PA-7100 introduced
Intel i486DX2 introduced
Motorola MC88110 introduced
IBM 486SLC introduced
DEC 21064 (EV4) introduced
SGI Indigo2 introduced
Sun SPARCclassic introduced
Sun SunPC 486DX introduced
Tadpole SPARCbook I introduced
HP 700/96 introduced
DEC 3000 AXP 400/600/700 introduced
DEC 4000 AXP introduced
DEC VAX 4000/100 introduced
DEC DECagent 90 introduced
DEC DECnis 600 introduced
DEC DECrepeater 90FA introduced
DEC DECbridge 90FL introduced
DEC DECserver 700-08 introduced
DEC DECserver 700-16 introduced
DEC DECserver 90L+ introduced
DEC DECserver 90TL introduced
Convex C3880 introduced
CDC defunct


MTI R4400 introduced
Intel Pentium introduced
DEC 21064A (EV45) introduced
DEC 21066 (LCA4) introduced
SGI Indy introduced
Motorola Series 900 introduced
DEC 3000 AXP 800 introduced
DEC VT510 introduced
DEC DECbrouter 90T1 introduced
DEC DEChub One introduced
DEC DEChub 900 MultiSwitch introduced
DEC DECrepeater 900TM introduced
Cisco 2500 Router introduced
Ferranti defunct


Sun MicroSPARC-II introduced
IBM PowerPC 604 introduced
QED R4700 introduced
HP 9000 model 712/60 introduced
Apple Macintosh Performa 630 PC introduced
Apple Performa PC Card introduced
DEC 3000 AXP 300X introduced
DEC Multia VX40 introduced
DEC Multia VX41 introduced
DEC Personal DECstation 5000/25 introduced
DEC Multia VX51 introduced
DEC AlphaServer 2100A introduced
DEC AlphaServer 400 introduced
DEC VAX 4000/105A introduced
DEC VT520 introduced
DEC VT525 introduced
DEC DECserver 900TM introduced
DEC RoamAbout Wireless AP introduced
Siemens RM 200 C introduced
Convex Exemplar SPP-1600/XA introduced
Convex Exemplar SPP-1200/XA introduced
Convex Exemplar SPP-1200/CD introduced


HP PA-7200 introduced
DEC 21164 (EV5) introduced
Sun SparcStation 5 introduced
IBM RS/6000 7006-42T introduced
IBM S/390 Processor Card introduced
DEC AlphaServer 8200 introduced
DEC AlphaStation 200 introduced
DEC AlphaStation 250 introduced
DEC AlphaServer 1000A introduced
DEC AlphaServer 1000 introduced
DEC DECrepeater 90T+ introduced
DEC DECrepeater 90T16 introduced
DEC DECswitch 900EF introduced
Brocade founded
Transmeta founded
Convex defunct


MTI R10000 introduced
DEC 21164A (EV56) introduced
DEC 21264 (EV6) introduced
DEC StrongARM SA-110 introduced
SGI Onyx2 Deskside introduced
Tadpole ALPHAbook 1 introduced
DEC AlphaStation 255 introduced
DEC ETM05-FD introduced
DEC AlphaServer 4000 introduced
DEC AlphaServer 4100 introduced
DEC VAX 4000/108 introduced
Philips CDI615 Prototype introduced
D-X Designs P112 introduced
MicroDigital founded
TeKaDe defunct


Sun UltraSPARC-II introduced
Atmel AT90S1200 introduced
Sun Ultra 60 introduced
Sun Ultra 30 introduced
Sun Enterprise 450 introduced
HP Visualize B180L introduced
DEC Personal Workstation 600a introduced
DEC DNARD "Shark" Prototype introduced
DEC AlphaServer 1200 introduced
DEC AlphaServer 800 introduced
DEC HSZ22 introduced
Dolch PAC 64 introduced
Atmel AVR Demo Board introduced
Atmel AT89/90 Starter Kit introduced
DrayTek founded
Amdahl defunct
GI defunct


MTI R12000 introduced
Intel Celeron introduced
AMD K6-2 introduced
Sun Enterprise 250 introduced
Cisco Catalyst 2900 XL 24 introduced
Cisco Catalyst 3508G XL introduced
Cisco Catalyst 3548 XL introduced
DEC defunct


Intel Pentium III introduced
IBM RS64-III introduced
DEC 21264A (EV67) introduced
DEC 21264C (EV68CB) introduced
Sun Ultra 80 introduced
Sun SunPCi introduced
IBM AS/400 9406-720 introduced
DEC AlphaServer DS10 introduced
DEC AlphaServer DS20 introduced
DEC AlphaServer ES40 introduced
Compaq HSG80 introduced
Psion Series 5mx introduced
RLX founded
DG defunct
Wang defunct
Siemens defunct


Transmeta Crusoe introduced
IBM RS/6000 7026-H80 introduced


Sun Fire 6800 introduced
HP AlphaServer DS20L introduced
IBM RS/6000 7026-6M1 introduced
RLX System 324 introduced
MOS defunct


DEC 21364 (EV7) introduced
SGI Fuel introduced
Sun Fire V480 introduced
Compaq Evo D510 introduced
RLX System 300ex introduced
Compaq defunct
ICT/ICL defunct


Sun UltraSPARC-III Cu introduced
HP Evo D530 introduced
HP AlphaServer ES47 introduced
HP integrity RX4640 introduced
HP AlphaServer DS15 introduced
Compaq MSA1000 introduced
Compaq MSA500 introduced
MicroDigital Omega1 introduced


HP DL380 G4 introduced


Brocade Silkworm 4100 introduced
Raritan KX-432 introduced
Tadpole defunct
QED defunct
Dolch defunct
MicroDigital defunct
RLX defunct


Intel Woodcrest Xeon (5100) introduced
Intel Montecito (Itanium 9000) introduced
HP Integrity RX6600 introduced
HP BL480c Blade Server introduced
HP BL460c Blade Server introduced
Convey founded
MAI Basic Four defunct
CompuData defunct


Intel Harpertown Xeon (5400) introduced
Intel Montvale (Itanium 9100) introduced
HP Integrity BL860c Blade Server introduced
HP ProCurve 2810-24G introduced
HP 1800-24G introduced
Cisco SLM2048 introduced
Amstrad defunct


Intel Nehalem Xeon (5500) introduced
HP DL180 G6 introduced
SGI defunct
Transmeta defunct


HP DL380 G7 introduced
Sun defunct
Intergraph defunct


Motorola defunct
Televideo defunct


Convey HC-2ex introduced
Psion defunct
Wyse defunct


MTI defunct


LSI Logic defunct


HP DL20 Gen9 introduced
Convey defunct


Sharp defunct


Convex Exemplar SPP-1600/CD introduced
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