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Even with all the odd restrictions and precautions that 2020 has forced on us, the occasional visitor bearing gifts still manages to find the museum. I'd like to highlight three of these visits and a pickup we made here.

First of all, we made a trip to pickup some treasures from Rutger, who gave us an IBM RS/6000 7026-6M1 machine, which was originally used to host the websites for faculty members of the University of Nijmegen. He also had an SGI Indy workstation and several boards from a Hitachi HITAC M680 mainframe for us.

Next, Kees came to visit and left a DEC DECsystem 5500 and two DEC DECstation 5000's behind.

Then, last week, Peter came to visit us from Austria; we had arranged a swap, so he left a very complete IBM System/36 5363 behind, using an IBM PS/2 Model 30 286 as it's console, and in return, we sent him home with a DEC MicroPDP-11 model 73 and a DEC VT320 terminal

And, finally, that same day Knut paid the museum a visit and brought four UNIX workstations for the collection: a couple of SGI Indigo2's, an HP Visualize B180L, and an IBM RS/6000 7006-42T.

We're pretty sure we'll have a great time with these machines, and hope to be able to display them in working condition very soon.

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