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After I got my Convex C1 Supercomputers, I've been contacted by people offering Convex systems and parts to me. Today, I've come to an agreement to acquire a couple of Convex C2 Supercomputers.

We need to finalize some arrangements (such as setting the dates), but if all goes well, I'll soon house a 2-cpu Convex C220 and a 4-cpu Convex C240!

In addition to the CPU cabinets, there are a total of 9 auxiliary racks, with VME crates, hard disks, a 9-track tape drive, and a Metrum tape drive, as well as spare parts (cpu modules, VME modules, power supplies, disks, tape drives, cables), manuals, and software. With these parts, just maybe, I might be able to get my Convex C1 XP running as well!

For now, some photos taken by the current owner to keep you happy (I know that seeing them made me very happy):

  • a1
  • a2
  • a3
  • a4
  • b1
  • b2
  • b3
  • b4
  • b5
  • d1
  • d2
  • d3
  • d4
  • d5
  • d6
  • d7
  • d8
  • d9
  • e1
  • e2
  • e3
  • e4
  • e5
  • f1
  • f2
  • g1
  • g2
  • g3
  • g4
  • g5
  • g6
  • g7
  • g8
  • g9
  • h1
  • i1
  • i2
  • j1
  • j2
  • j3
  • j4
  • j5
  • j6
  • j7
  • j8
  • j9
  • k1
  • k2

By the way, I hope I've already told you that I have an amazing wife who's willing to put up with things like this coming in!

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