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The collection has a fairly large number of videotapes related to Convex. We've made a number of these available through Youtube. Here, you can find an overview of all video's in the collection.


SigGraph Demo


Company Meeting

October 6th and 20th, 1989

Bob Paluck hosts a company meeting with information about the 7th birthday of Convex, live office exercises, five target markets (oil and gas, computational chemistry, federal government, computer aided engineering, weather modeling), and what employees spent their last profit sharing bonuses (180 $1 bills) on. (cleaned up)


C 4.0 Environment


Recording of a classroom course about new features and changes in version 4.0 of the Convex C compiler.

Company Meeting

January 12, 1990

Bob Paluck hosts a company meeting reviewing how the company performed in 1989, as well as how the competition did. Also, a warning against using drugs on Convex premises or while on company business, and a bit on email etiquette. (cleaned up)

How the Game is Played

January 18, 1990

Bob Paluck shares the company game plan for 1990. Convex has to grow up, and become the best in supercomputers. January 18, 1990 (cleaned up)

SHARE Seminar


March 5, 1990

Training about the Convex Share Scheduler. (cleaned up)


"Preemptor Series" Realtime Supercomputing


In 1991, Convex introduced the Preemptor series (5300 and 5500), variants of their C-series Vector Supercomputers with additional real-time capabilities in hardware and software. This video introduces the series with a look at its application in an R&D flight simulator at NASA's Langley Research Center.

How to use the Convex Application Compiler (Parts 1 and 2)



The Convex Application Compiler was one of the first compilers that provided inter-procedural optimizations. This video was sent to customers to explain how to use this compiler. This first part is an introduction to explain what the compiler can do.

Note that the first three minutes or so of video have been replaced with stills and re-created graphics because of the poor quality of the original tape.

C3 Introduction Event


May 7, 1991

In 1991, Convex introduced the third generation of their vector supercomputers, the C3 series (3200, 3400 and 3800). The C3800 was the first - and only - supercomputer processor to be completely build in GaAs technology. Speakers are Bob Paluck (CEO), Jim Balthazar (VP Marketing) and Steve Wallach (VP Technology).

Convex AVS: Scientific Visualization


July, 1991

This video highlights the use of AVS running on a Convex C240 Supercomputer for scientific visualizations at the University of California at Irvine.


How to Sell the Meta Series


This video is a Convex internal sales training for what might be the oddest product Convex ever released. The Meta series systems were a cluster of 8 rackmounted HP PA-RISC workstations and a C-Series vector supercomputer, all tied together with a high-speed, low-latency memory mapped interconnect. This odd configuration was meant to tie customers ver, and ease them onto the PA-RISC platform, until the release of the Exemplar SPP, Convex' massively parallel PA-RISC supercomputer. Our guess is that it was a difficult sell, even with this video.

How the Game is Played

February 7, 1992

Bob Paluck looks back on 1991, on earlier years, and shares the company game plan for 1992. (digitized)

Company Meeting

March 19, 1992 (digitized)

A Decade of Supercomputing (visualizations)


May, 1992

This is the first of two video's Convex did in 1992 to celebrate 10 years of Convex. Both are conveniently titled "A Decade of Supercomputing". This first one contains a timeline of the company, and examples of visualizations performed using Convex Supercomputers.

"Slim to None" Profit Sharing Party


June 12, 1992

At Convex they sure knew how to party. After several quarters of losses, Convex turned a profit in the first quarter of 1992. It was only a small profit (400K against 55M in sales), but enough to throw a "Slim to None" Profit Sharing Party, complete with pigs and a karaoke machine.

Company Meeting

July 31, 1992 (digitized)

A Decade of Supercomputing (party and interviews)


September 11, 1992

This is the second of two "A Decade of Supercomputing" videos, celebrating ten years of Convex Computer Corporation. This one features interviews with some of Convex' first employees, and a registration of the party held on September 11, 1992.


How the Game is Played

February 3, 1993 (digitized)

Company Meeting

April 20, 1993 (digitized)

Company Meeting

November 11, 1993 (digitized)


How the Game is Won



CXbatch 2.0

Tape Library Interface

ConvexOS 9.0 Overview

ConvexOS V10.0 Module 1 - Installation Procedure

ConvexOS V10.0 Module 2 - Virtual Volume Manager

ConvexOS V10.0 Module 3 - LFS

ConvexOS V10.0 Module 4 - CU

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