Philips X1215 Imager

The Philips X1215 Cartridge Disc Drive stores a whopping 2.5 Megabytes on its internal fixed disk, and another 2.5 Megabytes on a removable disk in a cartridge. The drive takes 40 kilograms and 1200 watts of power to do so!

I want to get one of the X1215 drives I have back in working order, and build an interface so that I can make images of all the disk cartridges I have.

Title Published Date
List of X1215 disk packs 03 September 2014
Reading 32-year old data off an X1215 disk pack 02 September 2014
Reading data from the drive 01 September 2014
Stepping and reading an X1215 31 August 2014
Getting an X1215 cartridge disc drive online 22 August 2014