I've chosen to group the collection by instruction set architecture, rather than class (mini, micro, workstation) or manufacturer, as the lines between classes is often arbitrary, and manufacturers change their names or merge (DEC, Compaq, HP).

Measurement equipment

  • Dynatek 112 Digital Multimeter
  • Dynatek D9200 Digital Multimeter
  • Unigor 4P Analog multimeter
  • ITT Metrix MX 202 B Analog Multimeter
  • Elro M400 Digital Multimeter
  • ISO-Tech IPS 4303 Lab Power Supply
  • HP 1660c 136-channel logic analyzer
  • Tektronix 2430A Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • ANCOT SCSI Protocol Analyzer
  • Tektronix 834 Programmable Data Communications Tester
  • HP 547A Current Tracer
  • HP 548A Logic Clip
  • W&G TKL-5 Logic tester
  • FourState Model 100 RS232 tester / jumperbox
  • Alctron DB-4C Cable tester
  • Danbridge DR5/CDEFG Decade Resistance Box (1 MOhm)
  • Duspol voltage tester (bakelite)
  • Horstmann Isolation tester (bakelite)
  • Horstmann Grounding tester (bakelite)

Other equipment

  • Minox A6 briefcase microfiche viewer
  • Ricoh IS-420 A3 SCSI scanner