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HP Integral PC (9807A)


CPU Architecture:68000
Available OS:HP HP-UX
CPU:8MHz Motorola 68000
Memory:1MB (max. 1.5MB)
Condition:Fully operational
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The Integral PC is a luggable computer, with a built-in 512x255 9-inch electroluminescent display, keyboard, 3.5" floppy drive, and ThinkJet printer. A compartment next to the printer holdsĀ  the mouse.

Expansion is done through the two slots on the back, the replaceable ROM module, and the HPIB port, which will let you connect the computer to measurement equipment such as oscilloscopes, function generators and logic analyzers, as well as to hard drives and plotters.

The unique feature of this machine is that it runs Hewlett-Packard's flavor of Unix, HP-UX, from ROM. The ROM module on my Integral contains HP-UX version 5.0 and BASIC 5.0. The Operating system features the HP Windows GUI and the Personal Applications Manager (PAM).

A lot of information about the Integral can be foundĀ here.