In this video, we describe how, thirty years later, we recreated a historically significant rendering of a vibrating L-Shaped Membrane in MATLAB 3.5, running on a 1987 Ardent Titan Graphics Supercomputer (TITAN-MATLAB).


This video showcases the Ardent Titan graphics supercomputer.

As if one project for the new year (New project: Eagle Emulator) isn't enough, I've also come to the conclusion that I need more space for the collection. Hence the proposed addition of a Large Systems Room to the VAXbarn.

Part of the Vaxbarn collection is what could very well be the largest collection of Convex supercomputers in the world.

The Convex adventure started in 2016 with an eBay advertisement, and since then the collection has seen the addition of 9 Convex supercomputers, spanning three generations of machines.

*** UPDATED 24-APR-2017 ***

Almost a new year, time for a new project. Since the Convex C1 XP and Convex C1 XL I'm getting are missing their primary hard drive, I need to replace it with something. These systems are quite picky about what disks they support, but even if they weren't, working disks with an SMD (Storage Module Drive) interface are becoming somewhat rare. One disk I am sure these systems support is the Fujitsu M2351 ("Eagle") pictured above.