Today me and my brother (truck driving license, no interest in old iron) had the biggest haul of DEC stuff I ever had (ex-collector moving to a smaller apartment).

A quick inventory:

PDP stuff

VAX stuff

BA123 VAXen

BA213, BA215 and BA440 VAXen (pedestal)

BA42 VAXen

BA40 VAXen

MIPS stuff

Alpha stuff


  • 2 x HSZ40
  • 28 x StorageWorks BA350
  • 16 x StorageWorks BA353
  • 8 x R400X storage pedestal
  • 4 x R215F storage pedestal
  • 32 x pizzabox storage expansion (VAX-era)
  • 11 x lunchbox storage expansion (VAX-era)


Miscellaneous stuff

As you can see, all this has made me very happy!